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It's not only technological know-how but the ability to bring the right innovative products to the right markets in the shortest possible that time determines the business success of companies now and especially in the future.
Why TriS Europe?
  Why TriS Europe?

We know the following: steadily growing pressure from competitors, changing market demands, day to day industry business problems as well as the challenges of developing innovative products through our long personal management and R&D experience. More than 400 consulting projects in problem solving and new product development since the our foundation in 1998 has further enriched our practical experience in the field of innovation. Long-term and confidential partnerships and co-operation with our customers has given us a unique opportunity to shape and refine the best innovation methods making them highly suitable for application throughout industry. Our universal approach to managing the innovation process is appropriate for manufacturing and service companies alike regardless of business sector.

As a result of this unique experience we created our flagship product, TriS-IDEAS - a web-based application, which makes our experience, our innovation management process, together with the TRIZ methodology and other important modules and features accessible to our customers.

The unique combination of strong innovation methods, software and expert know-how make TriS Europe an exceptional consultancy and software company for the organization and optimisation of corporate innovation processes.

Our numerous customers in marketing, R&D departments and new product development centres of corporations as well as medium-sized manufacturing enterprises underline the high efficiency, practical suitability and universality of TriS innovation management processes.

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