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Our customers are R&D and marketing departments and new product development centres of corporations as well as small and medium manufacturing and service enterprises.
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  About Us

TriS Europe was founded under the name TriSolver Consulting in 1998 in Hanover, Germany  as a consulting company for TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), as the enormous potential of this methodology for systematic innovation was recognized by several leading German companies. Based on a profound knowledge of TRIZ, the TriS Europe founder Dr. Pavel Livotov's young company managed to reach and to extend its market leadership in Germany within a short space of time.

Already by 1998 the first TRIZ-software, TriSolver 1.0 appeared on the market. The new web-based software TriS-IDEAS was developed as result of the close co-operation we have with our customers. It goes beyond pure problem solving with TRIZ to become a computer-aided innovation (CAI) tool, supporting the innovation management process, definition of customer-orientated innovation strategies, and the objective evaluation and selection of optimal innovation concepts. It operates as a workspace for active idea generation and management of innovative knowledge and information within the organisation.


Prof., Ph.D.
Pavel Livotov

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