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Process and Advanced Tools
for Successful Innovation
Why TriS Europe?

TriS IDEAS Toolbox
Idea & IP


Advanced Innovation Design Approach AIDA for innovation success

New App: AIDA Automatic IDEA & IP Generator 2.0 - with AI Chatbot Idea Prompter - your personal creative assistant. Request by email more information about our webinars.

New Online Course: INNOVATION MASTER 2024 in AIDA and TRIZ (flyer download)
The exclusive courses in 2024 - request more information by email 

TriS Europe Innovation Academy delivers solutions and tools for the organisation and optimisation of the innovation process. We help companies
to recognise precisely what benefits customers really value and what market demands exist,
to develop innovative product concepts quickly and reliably,
to make market success both measurable and predictable.

We offer a flexible combination of innovation training, consulting and software:
Developing of new products concepts based on true customer benefits and market demands,
Systematic idea generation and inventory problem solving with TRIZ+AIDA methodolgy,
Invention toolbox TriS-AIDA for customer-driven innovation and inventive problem solving.

TriS innovation process - making innovation effect predictable and avoiding poor investments

TriS-IDEAS - a toolbox for succesful innovation and inventive problem solving with TRIZ and AIDA

Fast inventive problem solving - saving time and expenses with TRIZ and AIDA methodology

Marketing & Innovation Intelligence - market research for innovation strategy formulation

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