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Our Customers
Our customers are R&D and marketing departments and new product development centres of corporations as well as small and medium manufacturing and service enterprises.
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Innovation Management Process
Risk Minimization
Product Optimization and Problem Solving
  R&D innovation projects based on TRIZ methodology

Due to experience gained in a broad range of industries, TriS Europe has been able to develop and refine a cost-saving approach to product optimization and systematic problem solving using the Advanced Innovation Design Approach AIDA and the Theory of Inventive Problwm Solving TRIZ. Innovation projects, prepared and moderated by TriS experts together with the company's R&D project team (about 3…10 persons), can be completed within 2 to 7 workshops. The projects are run using the TriS-IDEAS toolbox, which structures the problem solving process and enhances the engineering creativity and inventiveness.

  Typical Tasks for Innovation Projects:

Formulating innovation strategy and development of customer-driven product concepts: identification of customer requirements and benefits, definition of the future product features, benchmarking of competitive products, idea generation and development of innovation concepts.

Invention-on-demand and comprehensive problem solving: initial situation analysis, generation and evaluation of solution ideas by means of AIDA and TRIZ methodology, choice of solutions for short, medium and long term implementation.

Forecasting the technical evolution of products or processes based upon the latest technologies available including innovation shifting to new operation principles (technology roadmapping).

Creative value engineering and cost reduction in cases where all available cost-cutting measures seems to be exhausted.

In-house training in new product development and invetive problem solving with AIDA and TRIZ through learning-on-the-job using real problems and actual challenges. value engineering and cost reduction with TRIZ in cases where all available cost-cutting measures seems to be exhausted.

Enhanced quality control and optimised innovative products by means of the unique Anticipatory Failure Identification method for the prediction and elimination of hidden sources of potential failure scenarios or for the analysis of previous failures which have occurred through unknown mechanisms.

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