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AIDA Automatic Idea Generator -
a tool to boost your engineering creativity and inventiveness

Automatic Idea Generator
TriS-IDEAS Toolbox
TriS IDEAS Toolbox

AIDA Automatic Idea Generator - your personal creative assistant

New app for fast automatic ideation - for innovators, inventors and R&D specialists:

  • 2…3 strong solution ideas – immediately with only one mouse click
  • 5…10 strong and inventive solution ideas in 10 minutes
  • 30…50 implementable solution ideas for a given engineering problem
  • Automatic documentation of up to 170 possible solutions in one session
  • Automated innovation concept creation based on best ideas
  • Automated generation of up to 35 ideas for business and management problems

Benefits of the patent advisors, IP officers and patent attorneys:

  • Higher level of inventive step compared to the state of the art
  • Recognition of new and possibly overlooked solution possibilities
  • Completeness check of invention claims in a patent application
  • Circumvention of existing patent claims through new solution principles a.o.

The AIDA Automatic Idea Generator (AIG) concept is based on:

  • Advanced Innovation Design Approach (AIDA)
  • 170 inventive principles known from the Theory of Inventive problem Solving (TRIZ)
  • 10 Years of academic and applied innovation research and engineering education
  • Evaluation of more than 250 industrial innovation projects and problem-solving workshops
  • TRIZ postulate: a large number of inventions is based on a limited number of underlying solution principles

AIG technology und applications:

  • MS EXCEL-based tool without macros
  • instantly ready for use, without installation or any safety concerns
  • no prior knowledge in AIDA or TRIZ methodolgy is necessary
  • for different operation systems: MS Windows, MacOS
  • available in MS EXCEL, Open Office or Google sheets
  • always with you on mobiles: Android or iPhone
  • for individual use or sharing and online collaboration within a team
  • customizable and user-specific adaptable
  • Web and MS Windows applications - on request

Offers and ordering information (01.05.2021):

  • Single pack for educational institutions and private orders: Euro 49,-; order by e-mail
  • Single pack for small businesses: Euro 100,-; order by e-mail
  • Starter pack for companies (incl. 5 single packs): Euro 250,-; order by e-mail
  • Business pack for companies (incl. 40 single packs): Euro 1000,-; order by e-mail
  • Prices for larger quantities or flat rates on request: request quotation by e-mail
  • Delivery package (download): Automatic Idea Generator Tool, User guide, TRIZ Handbook
  • Language: English or German
  • free updates until 31.12.2021, no follow-up or subscription costs

How does the AIDA Automatic Idea Generator (AIG) work? Example:

  1. Describe briefly a problem or task.
  2. Define the name of the Working tool or medium, for ex.: Working Tool: WATER JET.
  3. The AIG-tool generates automatically 83 ideas and displays them according to the statistical ranking. With three further entries up to 170 solution ideas can be generated:
    for Target object - 30 ideas, for Useful action - 47 ideas, for Harmful effect - 10 ideas.

More features and functions :

  • Selection of easy-to-implement ideas with low to medium abstraction level
  • Selection of ideas according to the underlying solution principle: universal, design, mechanical, acoustic, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic, intermolecular, biological, digital
  • Generating cost-cutting ideas for typical cost drivers: energy and material consumption, manufacturing costs, complexity, maintenance and recycling
  • Selection of strong ideas for eco-innovation and reduction of environmental impact
  • Selection of solution ideas for process optimization, product design and non-technical problems
  • Automatic idea generation for business and management problems
  • Automated innovation concept creation based on best ideas

Learn more about the AIG in our presentation (PDF):
AIDA Automatic Idea Generator (free flyer download)


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