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AIDA Automatic Idea Generator -
a tool to boost your engineering creativity and inventiveness

Automatic Idea Generator
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TriS IDEAS Toolbox
Idea & IP

AIDA Automatic Idea & IP Generator - your personal creative assistant

New app for fast automatic ideation - for innovators, inventors and R&D specialists:

  • 2…3 strong solution ideas – immediately with only one mouse click
  • 5…10 strong and inventive solution ideas in 10 minutes
  • 30…50 implementable solution ideas for a given engineering problem
  • Automatic documentation of up to 200 possible solutions in one session
  • Automated innovation concept creation based on best ideas
  • Automated generation of up to 35 ideas for business and management problems
  • NEW: automated generation of idea prompts for your specific problem for use with AI Chatbots, such as e.g. ChatGPT, Google Bard or Bing Chat

Benefits of the patent advisors, IP officers and patent attorneys:

  • Higher level of inventive step compared to the state of the art
  • Recognition of new and possibly overlooked solution possibilities
  • Completeness check of invention claims in a patent application
  • Circumvention of existing patent claims through new solution principles a.o.

The AIDA Automatic Idea & IP Generator (AIG) concept is based on:

  • Advanced Innovation Design Approach (AIDA)
  • 170 inventive principles known from the Theory of Inventive problem Solving (TRIZ)
  • 10 Years of academic and applied innovation research and engineering education
  • Evaluation of more than 250 industrial innovation projects and problem-solving workshops
  • TRIZ postulate: a large number of inventions is based on a limited number of underlying solution principles

AIG technology und applications:

  • MS EXCEL-based tool without macros
  • instantly ready for use, without installation or any safety concerns
  • no prior knowledge in AIDA or TRIZ methodolgy is necessary
  • for different operation systems: MS Windows, MacOS
  • available in MS EXCEL, and also in Open Office or Google sheets
  • always with you on mobiles: Android or iPhone
  • for individual use or sharing and online collaboration within a team
  • customizable and user-specific adaptable
  • Web and MS Windows applications - on request

Offers and ordering information:

  • One user tool for educational institutions and private orders: Euro 49,-; order by e-mail
  • Small businesses (incl. two single tools - for 2 users): Euro 200,-; order by e-mail
  • Starter pack for companies (5 single tools / 5 users): Euro 500,-; order by e-mail
  • Advanced pack for companies (10 single tools /10 users): Euro 1000,-; order by e-mail
  • Business pack for companies (flatrate): Euro 2500,-; order by e-mail
  • Delivery package (download): Automatic Idea & IP Generator, User guide, TRIZ Handbook
  • incl. free online-training - for advanced or business packages (2,5 hours)
  • Language: English or/and German
  • free updates for one year, no follow-up or subscription costs, VAT may be applied.

How does the AIDA Automatic Idea & IP Generator (AIG) work? Example:

  1. Describe briefly a problem or task, for ex.: Intesify the hull cleaning of big ships from maritime organisms with high pressure water jetting without paint layer damage.
  2. Define the name of the Working tool or medium, for ex.: Working Tool: WATER JET.
  3. The AIG-tool generates automatically 86 ideas and displays them according to the statistical ranking. With three further entries up to 200 solution ideas can be generated:
    for Target object - 45 ideas, for Useful action - 56 ideas, for Harmful effect - 11 ideas.

More features and functions :

  • Selection of easy-to-implement ideas with low to medium abstraction level
  • Selection of ideas according to the underlying solution principle: universal, design, mechanical, acoustic, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic, intermolecular, biological, digital
  • Generating cost-cutting ideas for typical cost drivers: energy and material consumption, manufacturing costs, complexity, maintenance and recycling
  • Selection of strong ideas for eco-innovation and reduction of environmental impact
  • Selection of solution ideas for process optimization, product design and non-technical problems
  • Automatic idea generation for business and management problems
  • Automated innovation concept creation based on best ideas
  • Patent Trimmer: a new app for automated technical patent circumvention assists to preventively protect own inventions against circumvention by competition or to invent alternatives to patented solutions without infringement of the patent's claims.
  • NEW: automated generation of up to 200 TRIZ-based idea prompts for your specific problem for use with AI Chatbots, such as e.g. ChatGPT, Google Bard or Bing Chat, to enhance your innovation performance.

Learn more about the AIG in our presentation (PDF):
AIDA Automatic Idea & IP Generator (free flyer download)


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