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Our customers are R&D and marketing departments and new product development centres of corporations as well as small and medium manufacturing and service enterprises.
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TRIZ - Methodology
Advanced Innovation Design Approach AIDA
TriS-IDEAS Toolbox
  TriS-IDEAS Toolbox

The TriS-IDEAS toolbox utilises the best practices in problem solving with TRIZ and Advanced Innovation Design Approach AIDA, which were identified and further developed in ther recent decade and verified in numerous industrial innovation and problem solving projects. It includes the following apps, tools and methods:

Automatic Idea Generator: new tool for boosting the engineering creativity and inventiveness
Brainstorming 40x40: Generate 40 ideas with enhanced 40 TRIZ Inventive Principles
Inno-Workshop: Tool for systematic problem solving and moderation of innovation workshops
TRIZ Inventor: Solving of bottle-neck problems with inventive algorithm ARIZ in its short form
Innovation potential explorer: identification of innovation opportunities, customer benefits and segments with high market potential using Importance-Satisfaction Analysis
New concept development: implementation of the selected innovation tasks into new product concepts with high market potential
Root-conflict analysis and anticipatory failure identification: tool for elimination harmful effects
Systematic and creative cost cutting for products and processes
InnoMonitor: tool for continuous monitoring of innovative capability of companies using 80 parameters and 10 key performance indicators
Rapid Cross Industry Innovation: an easy-to-use method for fast idea generation with the help of analogies and similarity rules
Database of 200+ best practice measures for enhancement of innovation capability

TriS-IDEAS toolbox doesn't require high-level methodological expertise from its users. It takes advantage of the principle of using "inventive methods on demand" if for example a technical problem or innovation task can not be solved satisfactorily with traditional approach. The easy-to-use apps can be very helpful for any task related to innovation processes within companies. Firstly, they help to combine the TRIZ and AIDA techniques with the working processes of the company, and secondly it builds up inventive skills and innovation management competencies within the company.


New App: AIDA Automatic Idea Generator

An app and tool for fast and complete automatic idea generation is based on 170 inventive principles known from the Theory of Inventive problem Solving (TRIZ) and the Advanced Innovation Design Approach (AIDA), on 10 years of academic and applied innovation research, and evaluation of more than 250 industrial innovation projects and problem-solving workshops. It generates automatically up to 30…50 implementable solution ideas for a given engineering problem, and dramatically enhances the engineering creativity. AIDA Idea Generator is available for MS Windows and MacOS, running on Android mobiles and iPhones, suitable for individual use or online collaboration ... download presentation



Classical TRIZ tools in TriSolver Software "Ideas Generator and Manager"

Our TriSolver Software is an easy-to-use software for creative solutions of technical or management problems. TriSolver Professional Edition for Windows (visit TriSolver Website) provides a complete classical TRIZ toolbox for inventive and systematic problem solving to be used by individuals or teams in brainstorming sessions or workshops: 

functional and contradiction analysis and inventive algorithm ARIZ
updated 40 Innovation Principles with examples and 4 groups of separation principle
Altshuller contradiction matrix with statistical evaluation of principles from several contradictions
checklist for the identification and utilisation of system resources
76 TRIZ standard solutions with substance-field analysis
patterns for prediction of technical evolution and technology roadmapping
method of the Antcipatory Failure Identification
other tools supporting brainstorming and fast problem solving

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